A Sunshiny Day: Adorable Monogrammed/Appliqued Baby Items

by Camille on April 12, 2013

We’ve already established on this blog that I am almost rarely the crafty mom.

However, God knows my weaknesses, and so He generously blessed me with a plethora of Martha Stewart-like friends. (Well, except that most of them aren’t criminals and are way hotter. Love y’all.) Anyway, if you’re like me, and occasionally want your child to have hand-made, adorable clothes and accessories, but you think a “Cricut” is a chirping bug and a “Serger” is a person who surges suddenly and powerfully forward, then you are likely already familiar with the wonders of Etsy to meet your creative deficits.

I made my first foray into Etsy last year to find a dress for Ellie’s first birthday party. Yes, there is someone (actually, several someones) making Curious George dresses with matching accessories. Precious.


So, considering those of you who look longingly at the adorable accoutrements of today’s most stylish babies but don’t want to spend a small fortune on something they’re just going to barf/snot/poop on, I’d like to recommend you visit my friend’s new Etsy shop:

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 9.20.51 PM

Erin, creator of Sarah Sunshine Designs (and the stinkin’ cute baby girl that is her inspiration), has become a dear friend over the past year as we’ve shared motherhood triumphs and woes together over coffee and cupcakes…..and as we’ve tried to control Ellie’s enthusiasm in tackling gently hugging Baby Sarah. Nice hands! 


This is Sarah in one of her mom’s creations. (You’re saying “awwwww!” right now aren’t you? Yup. She’s irresistible.)

SS Designs features an assortment of appliqued and monogrammed clothing and accessories, and if there’s anything special you want, Erin can probably find a way to make it. Her prices are ridiculously reasonable, and I can personally attest that the product will stand up to the most boisterous toddler and numerous washings. 

For instance, Erin made this shirt for Ellie’s 2nd birthday:


If you look closely, you’ll notice stains from a chocolate-covered marshmallow just above the caterpillar’s back. Like all her clothes, this shirt ends up covered in chocolate, strawberries, peanut butter, etc. pretty much every time I put it on her. I’ve nuked it in Spray and Wash and thrown it in with a normal load about 10 times, and thus far, it still looks like new.


Erin also gifted us with this lovely shirt:


And this one:



And these are some of the offerings from her Web site:

Absolutely precious hooded towels. 

Hooded Towel

Completely adorable matching bibs and burp clothes. 



Positively Charming Monogrammed Onesies

Submarine Onesie


If your cute-o-meter isn’t off the charts now, then you have no soul.

And y’all, Mamas like monogramming. I don’t know why. I know it doesn’t make logical sense, especially if I want to reuse items with other children, but there’s something about seeing Ellie’s name that just makes my heart melt. And personally, I think for the Mama who is up every two hours feeding an infant and can barely remember her own name, it might be reassuring to have a little identifying reminder in a cheerful font and color labeling the small, screaming creature. 🙂

So for your next baby shower, perhaps checkout Sarah Sunshine Designs for some personalized items rather than another Bumbo? Your gift will be assured to get the most “awwws!” at the shower.qued

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