About Me

Born and Raised: Tupelo, Mississippi. Celebrated everywhere by locals as the birthplace of Elvis, thus encouraging distinguished citizens my dad to perform impressions, complete with lip-curl, on demand. Or without it. ;-)

Currently: Reside in Memphis, TN. Domestic Engineer, Educational Coordinator, and Recreation Manager for family of six humans (the numbers change by the day around here, folks), two dogs, and a whole mess of crazy.

Things I Blog About: All things adoption, motherhood, marriage, infertility, family, God, church, books, parenting, foster care, culture, and anything that annoys me in regards to any of the above. I would like to blog about being healthy, but my appalling lack of commitment to regular exercise and addiction to Girl Scout cookies is severely limiting post ideas in this category.

Places I Learned Stuff: The University of Mississippi, B.A. in English and Journalism. The University of Memphis, M.A.T. in Teaching.

Previous Career: High-school English teacher. Abused coffee, pushed literature, and taught kids to passionately love the English language. (Okay, that last part is a lie, but I did try.) Paradoxically, now finding a perverse pleasure in writing largely in fragments. But would fail you for doing the same thing on a paper.

Things I Love: God’s sense of humor, mission-minded authors (the Hatmakers!), open adoption, date nights with Charlie, family dinner nights, board games, destroying Charlie in Scramble and Words with Friends, the beach, sunny days, snowy days, the Memphis Zoo, Shelby Farms, Yellow Box flipflops, yoga pants, singing with my sister, kids who draw cartoons on their homework, clean sheets, breakfast for dinner, mugs of hot tea or coffee, naptime (the baby’s or mine), the hamster dance song, colorful scarves, flannel pajamas all pajamas, a clean house (especially when I didn’t have to clean it), clearance rack at the Limited, organization (label maker!), pedicures, consignment sales, baby clothes, food (especially of the chocolate variety or made by my Mama), traveling, staying at home, inside jokes with friends.

Things I Don’t Love: toddler tantrums, new-home construction, video games, clutter, open cabinet doors, cold weather without snow, sinus drainage, long toe-nails, most rap music, poor grammar, trying to maintain order in the last class called for the pep rally, all laundry-related tasks,  to-do lists, mean people, the DMV, poverty, social injustice, apathy.

Things I’m Working On: time-management, stress-reduction, priorities, loving my neighbor as myself, serving the least, forgiveness, being more healthy, being more patient, simplifying. Oh yeah, and teaching the dog to stop pooping in my bedroom.

About the folks you might come across in my blog…

The Husband: Charlie. A rather attractive veterinarian who sometimes brings his work home to poop, pee, or bleed rest peacefully on the living room rug. Sings beautiful songs, slightly off-key, to his daughter with the sole purpose of making us both adore him. Understands that cupcakes are a supreme expression of love. Fearless adventurer who challenges me to try new things and finds laughter in the resulting mishaps. Encourager, protector, and best friend.

G., 17: – Home since May 2013, her adoption from foster care will be completed in November 2013. Fearless recipient of multiple facial piercings. Connoisseur of extremely varied musical selections. Current interests include Star Wars decor, Spiderman, chips, texting, long naps, and discovering a time machine to make graduation come sooner.

Ellie, nearly 3: Adopted through open, domestic adoption in February 2011, she specializes in complete destruction of my house. Current interests include anything outdoors, climbing everything, Elmo, Barney (please kill me), “helping” with everything, and all things related to her baby doll!

Ian, 21:  Full-time employee at ONYX Medical. Originally from Kenya, his beautiful accent is a hit with the ladies. Makes a mean omelet and loves his lime green Mustang. Plans to join the military in a few months. An artist who drew an imposing portrait of Don Vito Corleone used to intimidate my students for years.

Herdest, 19: College sophomore at Southwest TN CC with aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. Musically gifted, he plays the drums and piano.  Obliterated all competition in a Wii hula-hoop contest. Has completely removed the word “leftovers” from my dinner-planning vocabulary.

Rolo: Adopted in February 2012 from Cavalier Rescue. A chubby fellow who snores like a freight train, expels noxious fumes as though his diet is solely composed of bean burritos, and is not, in fact, potty trained. Likes to eat Q-tips and used tissues from the trash, underwear left on the bathroom floor, and my window blinds…all of which make us love him so much. Redeemed (mostly) by his willingness to allow Ellie to attempt to eat, tackle, pull gently hug and love on him with a kiss and tail wag as the only response and his complete contentment in sharing snuggles.

Rip: Lassie-like Sheltie born onto my bathroom floor five minutes after my husband left for work. Oh, the irony, as I tried to figure out how to use dental floss to tie off the umbilical cord while Charlie laughed on the other end of the phone. Ha. Ha. Rip survived my feeble mid-wife attempts, and five years later, is a polite, obedient boy who only sometimes gives in to the temptation of the diaper-genie. Spends most of his time these days trying to avoid the little person intent on removing all his hair.

So yeah, that’s me. If you want to know anything else, just ask. :-) 

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