#dotMom2013: Be There!

by Camille on July 7, 2013

Attending the dotMom Conference last year was a highlight in my journey as a mother and as a Christian. Sponsored by Lifeway, the conference features keynote speakers including renowned authors and teachers as well as parenting experts. Breakout sessions cover infertility, adoption, marriage, parenting techniques, and more. The conference promises to encourage participants, provide connections to other moms, celebrate motherhood, and strengthen relationships to God.

In my experience, dotMom keeps its promises.

I’ve already started stalking my mom-friends for the conference this fall, but in case I missed you….


 Chattanooga, TN, September 20-21. Early registration ends on July 22.

In the meantime, here are some excerpts from the posts I wrote after last year’s conference:

The dotMom Conference, Part 1: A Full, Happy Heart

A time to replenish, restore, and renew. A time to think without the dozen little interruptions of every moment. A time to listen to other mothers and realize you’re not alone. A time to reach your hands up to God in praise and thanksgiving.

The dotMom Conference, Part II: New Friends

It was fabulously refreshing to be surrounded by women united by the idea that the most important thing is to raise our babies to know the love of the Father. I most appreciate the reminder in Jen Hatmaker’s opening session that we should all RELAX.  (I swear I could see a collective sigh of relief as hundreds of women breathed out and thought….”Okay. I can live with that.”)

Jen said, “God is sovereign over the lives of our children.”  In other words, all those decisions don’t matter so much. We will make mistakes. Hundreds of them. But God still has a plan for our kids, and we’re only a part of it.

#dotMom Part III: Jen Hatmaker on Raising Disciples

Because here’s the thing about becoming like Jesus…..it’s not safe and happy. It’s messy, uncomfortable, painful, and challenging.  As Jen said, “it invites hardship and requires courage.” We are refined into disciples through fire, not through easy living and lack of conflict.

#dotMom Part IV: Vicki Courtney on Raising “Me Monsters”

 In any case, I don’t think any of us want to raise me-monsters, but the world’s standards tell us that our child’s happiness and success are the most important things. Those standards cloud our decision making and mute our doubts. Yet, I know that Ellie won’t be truly happy outside of the will of God, and she can’t belong to God if she places herself at the center of life. As much as I adore her, I cannot worship her. And as much as she has my heart, she cannot be the center of it.

Mamas, I hope to see you there! 🙂







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