Returning to the Words

by Camille on August 2, 2015

A year ago long, long time ago, in a galaxy one zip code over far, far away, there was a girl semi-regularly sending her thoughts out into the universe, occasionally raising her nouns and verbs against the dark forces of evil….but mostly documenting the misadventures of her ridiculously adorable kids. 

Then life, as its prone to do, changed trajectory, and the girl found herself fully occupied navigating through the meteor showers of a new baby and changing family needs. All energies required for hyper-survival-drive, she took her potential blog thoughts and shoved them into the carbonite-frozen corner of her brain. 

But today, she returns…..<cue impressive theme hopefully penned by John Williams>

Hello dear readers! It has been too long. Except for a few brief adoption fund-raising posts, I haven’t visited this blog since April 2014, and the longer I’ve stayed away, the more awkward and intimidating I’ve found the return journey.

Life has been so full, so rich over the past year, but it’s also been painfully heart-rending in ways I wasn’t brave enough or talented enough to share in words. Silence seemed easier and more honest.

But I need this outlet. This thing that is mine alone. This intentional time to reflect and attempt to order the scattered parts of life into a meaningful narrative. So here is my toe for you, dipping tentatively back into the water and attempting a return to the words.

To begin, I thought I’d share with you some of the posts I might have written over the past year if I’d kept blogging.

Welcome Baby Micah!




Sleep Deprivation Comes in Deceptively Precious Packages

Paper, Rock, Scissors and a Dozen Other Creative Ways to Delay Facing the Poop


Get Your Kids a Kid! Promoting Unity Through Bovidae Bonding





Goats in Pajamas: Facing Relentless Peer Pressure to Clothe Your Livestock

Farm-life Parenting: Swollen Teats and 101 Other Fun Conversations to Have With Your Toddler


Official Adoptions #3 and #4


Can We Just Have Our Own Room Now, Please?




A Frozen Birthday

How We Let It Go




Dear Disney, I Love You



Indulging Your Inner Child While Making Your Kids Think This Vacation is Actually About Them

Move Over Kiddos; Mama Wants Her Wand

The #Adopt2GetHer Fundraising Yard Sale



The Worst Sunburn I’ve Ever Had in My Life

Junk PTSD: Is That What I Think It Is?!?

The One in Which Charlie May Have Considered Divorce

Feeling All the Feels: Gratitude, Exhaustion, Frustration, Exhilaration. ALL the Feels.



My Chubby Monkey Turns One

(Thanks to Cindy Meisch Photography for some lovely birthday pics!)

Micah in Chair


Wait, what?

The One in Which I Ugly Cry

Pass the Poutine! Why I Adore the “Eh” Team



Legit Maple Syrup Doesn’t Come From a Log Cabin

Land of a Million Lakes; See You at the Cottage!

Hey, Girl, Ryan Gosling is 100% Canadian; They Win!



Of course, the year had some challenging times too, such as: 

Inflammatory Drama: Chronic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, and Plantar’s Fasciitis

In Our House, the Little Mermaid Wears a Life Jacket or That Time Herdest Almost Drowned

Dear Childhood Trauma, I’d Like to Punch You in the Face


From LISC Chicago. The outcomes of Adverse Childhood Experiences


And a few more random thoughts, for instance:

What the HECK Happened to My Little Ponies?

Screen shot 2015-08-02 at 1.39.43 PM


But hey, I can’t cover 15+ months in one blog post, so I’ll call it a day for now. I hope to find more time to write soon. Love to you all!


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