Southern Weather and a September Tribute

by Camille on October 8, 2012

This post basically exists for the sole purpose of sharing adorable pictures of my daughter. Yeah, I know I just wrote about how the entire world shouldn’t revolve around her, but does that apply to my on-line world? Eh…not today. Plus, I got a new camera, and some of these pics are just so stinkin’ cute. Also, I had to dig out a sweatshirt this morning, so I’m a little irritated at the weather. I’ll write something deeper tomorrow. Maybe. 

I live in the South, y’all. Which means that stepping outside from May until August means it will be hot, and not just an “Oh, let’s put on some sunscreen and do a happy summer dance in the sprinklers” kind of hot. The sprinkler is redundant since one is already soaking wet from the humidity exactly two seconds after stepping outside. The air is so heavy and thick that walking across a parking lot feels like pushing through invisible, just-boiled taffy. Hot, y’all.

The only sensible outdoor activity for the summer months.  

Yet, with the flip of a switch, the weather changes to the other extreme, leaving us with all manner of frozen muck to fall from the sky and wreck complete havoc on folks who panic and descend upon Kroger in a wild stampede at the first hint of winter precipitation.

This may or may not be my back patio. I told him to take the gazebo down. Husbands, listen to your wives! 

But between the extremes, for a few blessed weeks starting mid-September, the temperature drops just enough to necessitate the use of “warm” in the Southern vernacular, and one suddenly realizes it’s possible to sit on the back patio for half an hour or take a stroll without risking dehydration.

So for those perfect few weeks, I try to find as many reasons to be outside as possible, knowing that the fickle days of October will tease me with 70 degree afternoons that fall rapidly to 43 degree evenings and dressing appropriately will require three wardrobe changes in a matter of hours. But September….she’s a climate superstar—the month making us all long for fairer lands or at least a pause button on the great thermostat in the sky. (Dear God, 72 is really nice. Thanks.)

So here are a few of our September outdoor moments:

We visited the Zoo several times, and she loved it. Well, except for the giraffe which may have terrified her. Just slightly.


Also at the Zoo. The most exercise Daddy got all month long.


In September, despite a thousand commitments and to-dos, we did make some time to stop and smell the roses.


 We learned about action and reaction on the Shelby Farms playground.


And shared some laughs.


And at the risk of quoting Taylor Swift, I must say, sitting on my couch with slightly chilly toes, I’d really like to go back to September. Despite the crazy-busy times, there were some really lovely moments, and it’s those moments I want to remember.




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