The Good, the Bad, and the Paranormal

by Camille on March 21, 2012

Just wanted to share a few glimpses into our life with the guys. You can read more about how my family almost doubled in a month HERE and HERE.

Warm-Fuzzy Stuff:

– While I cooked dinner last week, all three guys moved all the cushions for my lawn furniture from the attic to the back patio, put the covering back on the gazebo, swept, and generally created a peaceful outdoor oasis. We had dinner outside, joking about this and that, and just enjoyed one another’s company. (I absolutely love to would never tease them about girlfriends and such.) And then they all did the dishes. Beautiful, y’all. I teared up a little.

– Charlie had buddies to watch the Paranormal movies with him. Boooooring. Except the part where one of them (Charlie) hollered like a girl, like he does in all scary movies.

– We shared some financial knowledge and budget-making skills to help relieve some stress. Hosted our own little Financial Peace at the kitchen table.

–  Charlie visited Herdest’s church and LOVED the music. He learned all about “catching the ghost” and “happy feet.” BUMC, I love you, but we could learn a few things in the praise department, apparently. 😉

– Rip and Rolo, missing snuggles now allocated to the baby, have new folks to pester for belly rubs and ear scratches. Herdest seems pretty good at juggling all three here. 🙂


Challenging Stuff That I’m 15 Years Too Young and Inexperienced to Worry About That Will Probably Make Me Go Prematurely Gray and Wrinkly But I’m Giving It my Best Shot Anyway

Teenagers Driving. If you have teenagers driving, I probably don’t need to explain this one. Boys driving = worry. Ian, a college sophomore, has been driving for a few years, but Herdest just started. So, for him, questions such as Where will you be? When will you be back? Who are you with? Who is riding with you? What movie, again? Let me define “curfew” for you” may seem stalker-ish and overprotective, but that’s the way it is around here, at least until you’ve been driving for a few months.

Crappy Cars. Speaking of driving…it requires working vehicles. And the dang-dern vehicles keep having issues. Ignition malfunctions, flat tires, squished doors, fan-belt deaths–we’ve seen it all, folks. Both boys have jobs, school, and other responsibilities, and chauffeuring them around long-term isn’t a realistic option. So we help keep them in extremely used “well-seasoned”  vehicles that we pray keep rolling along. Hear me Mr. Geo and Camaro-cool!?!


That’s it for now, but I’ll be sharing more moments, I’m sure. I’m learning so much from these guys as they share their lives with us, and I pray for wisdom as we try and help them move forward.

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