Zeke Comes Home: Ways to Help

by Camille on August 3, 2016

Hello friends,

Many of you have been asking how to support us during the huge transition of bringing home our son, and we are overwhelmed and so incredibly grateful for your love. I wrote this blog a few years back when we adopted Karlos that has some basic information, but I’ll try to share some specifics here.

Zeke and Dad

Airport Welcome Party

We’ve debated on this one for a while, but Charlie says Zeke is comfortable with crowds and is always excited to see children his own age. Therefore, if you’d like to come be part of the welcome crew, we’d love to have you. However, please know that if you get anywhere between me and my hubby and my son, I will MOW YOU DOWN. Be prepared (and prepare your kiddos) that Zeke will need some space. He’s going to be meeting his mom and his sisters and brother for the first time after coming off a 14+ hour flight. Ellie and Micah will be seeing their dad for the first time in 18 days. There will likely be ugly crying, possible tantrums, and guaranteed craziness. If he shows any signs of being unhappy, we will whisk him away to a quiet place as soon as possible.

That said, you guys have been our champions….our encouragers, middle-of-the-night question answerers, resource-sharers, tear-wiping warriors. In one way, this is a beautiful finish line, but it’s also the beginning of our lifetime journey with Zeke. We’ll gladly take your hugs. Text me or FB message for flight details. They’re expected around 9:30 p.m.

Zeke eating

Meal Train 

A friend was kind enough to set up a meal train HERE. Have you seen the Instagram photos? This kid LOVES to eat. As do all my kids. Okay, and me. The bump and I eat ALL the things lately. However, Micah is in complete denial about the fact that food must be cooked, and meal prep at my house generally involves her hanging on one leg screaming “FOOOOOOD!!!!” while I try desperately to create something edible. I’m getting a little panicky about surviving the first few months as we incorporate a new kid into the “witching hours” between 4-7 when everyone is super cranky, hungry, and generally miserable. Having to not worry about meal prep would be pretty much the best thing ever. We are not picky. Sandwich tray? Awesome. Velveeta shells and cheese? Fabulous. Zeke likes fruit, rice, noodles, vegetables, and pizza, of course. Ellie and Micah are typical kids who would eat nothing but chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese if I’d let them, but they’re pretty flexible too. We will sing your praises for any offering of sustenance.

Forgive Us for Saying No

I’m a yes person. As in, YES I’ll help with that committee and YES I’ll bring those cookies and YES you can host that at my house. Being a yes person is good sometimes; it leads to lots of adventures and new friends and it gets stuff done. But it’s easy for we yes people to become overcommitted, too thinly stretched, and often teetering on the edge of insanity as we dash from this to that. For the next few months, or year, or however long it takes, Charlie and I are really going to make a serious effort to embrace the NO. Because our kids are going to need us to be NO people. Our son is going to be learning a new language, a new culture, and how to be part of a family. Our girls are going to be adjusting to having a new person who needs our attention as a part of their everyday lives. And when we get all that figured out, silly Mom is going to bring home another tiny human and turn the world upside down again.

When you need people to volunteer to do the things or bring the things, we are probably going to say NO. We may or may NOT show up to the meetings, services, groups, showers, coffees, parties, and practices. We are invested in finding ways to make life as easy and simple as possible as we survive the next year. Our first priority will be forming a strong and solid attachment with our son while helping our other kiddos transition to life with a new brother. And this priority means we might sometimes (or all the time) say NO to you. We ask your forgiveness and understanding ahead of time.

Of course, though we will strive to be some rockin’ recluses, we will eventually need to start introducing Zeke to our world, and Ellie and Micah will go stir crazy in a couple of days and start breaking windows and ripping cabinet doors of their hinges. Therefore, next up on the blog….some advice on things to do and please don’t do when you do see us out and about.

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